Aviva Baran-Rothschild

Who is Aviva?

Aviva Baran-RothschildAviva has worked in the field of People Development, in various roles, for 22 years. She is a Coach, Facilitator, Occupational Therapist, Counsellor and is currently training to be an accredited Coach-Supervisor.

She is fully committed to personal growth and the growth of others. She is open, authentic, warm, spontaneous and curious enough to experience life fully. She has traveled extensively, her work  experience covering 4 continents.

Aviva is an independent Facilitator and Trainer in Soft Skills. Her particular interest is in the areas of Emotional Intelligence and Energy Management.

She has been coaching for 8 years and is a member of the International Coaching Federation. Her clients come from various walks of life; from student to Managing Director, housewife to entrepreneur. She coaches internationally, currently with clients in the United Kingdom and South Africa.

She has also offered Job Search Skills Coaching for those who have been retrenched and has recently taken on the role as a coach-supervisor at The Wits Business School. She writes a Coaching column for a Natural Health Newsletter in the UK.

She too has been involved in many aspects of Community Development and Volunteer work; in South Africa, the UK, India and Israel doing transformation work, conservation, therapy and teaching.


For Coaching

“The decision to start  coaching has been one I have never looked back on and questioned. When I compare my life before to now the change has been phenomenal.

Coaching has helped me change aspects of my life that I had been trying to work on for years without any success. I felt helpless and overwhelmed when it came to parts of my personal and professional life that I wanted to change and coaching has shown me that not only can these all change for the better, but also that changing does not have to be hard or scary.

Aviva’s wonderful ability to cut through the clutter and focus in on the heart of an issue has been an essential aid in this, as well as the way she guides me through finding an actionable way to work on myself that is comfortable, doable and meaningful.

I am now so much more confident and decisive. I am more assertive and in control and have taken on a new role at work that I would not have even considered myself able for before coaching. Finding ways to be calm emotionally and not become overwhelmed with demands at work has been a life saver.

I have found direction in my career and set out an action plan of how to achieve my goals. Work is not just a means to an end but now an exciting and challenging part of my life.

I have also discovered more about who I am as a person and this has given me so much more direction and meaning  in my life – I have moved from just existing to really living. Coaching has started me on a journey of self discovery and change that I want to carry on with for the rest of my life.” (J -head of qualitative research)

“Aviva has excellent listening and probing skills that enable her to address the real issues. She has a range of tools that she selects from wisely, to anchor and embed new awareness and realizations that the client experiences.

Aviva has a good understanding of what constitutes effective strategies for taking clients from where they are to where they want to be. She then carefully co-creates the appropriate strategy with her client. Aviva is meticulous at setting tasks to be achieved during the period between coaching conversations and requires specific feedback.”(Ian-Coach/Consultant and Entrepreneur)

For Facilitation

“Aviva-you definitely know how to keep us interested. I would love to attend more of them”- (Michelle-Personal Assistant – Absa)

“Aviva, thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us. You’ve kept us all going over the past four days by making this one of the most interesting courses I’ve ever been on.” (Leezl-PA- Absa)